Our Vision is to organize, develop, and promote a youth lacrosse club that will provide motivated players a longer playing season to maximize their potential and raise the level of their game with additional skill clinics, coaching opportunities and team

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2020 Summer Play Lady Outlaw


Lady Outlaw Middle School:  Spring & Summer Tournaments:   May/June/July travel canceled due to COVID 19


Lady Outlaw High School:  June/July travel canceled due to COVID 19


Practice Schedule

Summer Stick Workouts: Begin Wednesday, June 17th  - Ending July 22nd. 

High School practice: 5:45 arrival  & sanitization  Practice 6:00 - 7:15.   Practices Monday / Wednesday  * Note no practice on July 1st - will be June 30th

Middle School practice:  7:15 arrival & sanitization Practice 7:30 - 8:45 Practices Monday / Wednesday  *Note no practice on July 1st  - will be June 30th

Summer Fees cover local stick workouts -- any games outside of Boise area may incur additional costs - however, none are confirmed at this time. 

Practice Location:  Renaissance Park - 4155 S. Genoard Ave, Meridian ID 83642